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For true music fans, music is an essential part of their lives. The world is full of music magazines containing articles written about their favorite groups or musicians.

Until recently (and even still…) magazines were printed and distributed each month. Even now most of these magazines are displayed in static digital form on the web. But where is the living content?

Radio is disappearing, and TV is just a hash of marketing force-fed corporate presentations. So where are the actual music-makers? Well, they’re out there every single day and night creating exciting new music in the studio and on the stage.

Anybody can watch a cheap YouTube clip shot on a phone from the front-of-house. These are horrible examples for an artist. Where is the high-quality, behind-the-scenes inside story of the music?

The Music Syndicate was created to bring you all the relevant music news from the music industry that you won’t get in any other form. In today’s world, you should be able to see and hear everything that is happening behind the scenes that a fan sitting in a seat cannot possibly deliver for you.

So please stay tuned as we begin to dig deep into the venues, and the studios, and bring you actual music being made the fines musicians in the world. Right here on – The Music Syndicate.