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No More Live Music at Mambo’s

Mambo’s in Glendale recently informed us that they are no longer featuring live music.

For years they have presented excellent live music with a Cuban influence featuring musicians like Jimmy Haslip, David Garfield, Abe Laboriel, Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branley, Ritchie ‘Gajate’ Garcia, and many many more.

Apparently the PRO’s (Performing Rights Organizations) such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC came calling and demanded significant fees because there was music being played. The fees were so high that the venue eliminated all live music at their cool venue.

Who wins? Nobody. Who loses? The musicians lose the gig, and the fans lose the enjoyment of experiencing top professional musicians up close and personal.

And of course the writers lose all potential revenue from the venue.

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