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Mike Keneally

mike_keneally_1His 1999 instrumental solo album, Nonkertompf, prompted these comments David Fricke in Rolling Stone magazine: “I saw guitarist Mike Keneally play with Frank Zappa in the 1980s, nimbly negotiating the maestro’s knotty charts, and I’ve watched Keneally cook hard with his twisted-fusion outfit, Beer For Dolphins. But none of it prepared me for the color and density of Nonkertompf, a whirl of thirty-five instrumentalmike_keneally_2 miniatures, played Keneally in their entirety and advertising not only his spicy fluency on the guitar but a flair for hot melodic sabotage rooted, yet not imprisoned, in Zappology.

The music flies mad and fast, but what the hell? You have a whole century to digest it.”

In 2001, Dutch broadcaster NPS commissioned a triumphant orchestral performance and live broadcast of Nonkertompfmike_keneally_4 featuring Keneally’s seven-piece rock band augmented four Dutch classical musicians.
Keneally’s other releases include 1992’s hat., 1994’s Boil That Dust Speck, 1996’s Half Alive In Hollywood and 1997’s Sluggo!.

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