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Tadeu Do Amaral

tadeu_do_amaral_1Born in São Paulo, TADEU DO AMARAL studied with important Brazilian musicians, such as the legendary guitar teacher Isaias Savio, Leo Soares and Claudio Santoro. He took part in many music seminars including one led Alberto Ginastera.
Beside a solo career including performances in major concerts halls in Brazil, always to enthusiastic critical acclaim, he has collaborated with many prominent musicians in that country, such as Flávio Stein, Eduardo Gramani, Angela Barra and Ricardo Lopes Garcia.
Through a variety of activities in the State of Santa Catarina, where he lives at present, he has had a pioneering role in teaching and widening the appreciation of the guitar in a region where it was almost unknown. In recent years he has participated as a teacher in many music festivals in Brazil.
Since 1985, when he gave a series of recitals of works English composers, Tadeu do Amaral has specialized in presenting comprehensive cycles, such as the complete guitar works the Polish composer Alexandre Tansman and the complete lute works of Bach.
He released the CDs “Musica Espanhola” and the collected works of Mexican composer Manuel Ponce, and both were highly praised in journals such as Classic CD and Guitar Player.
In recent years, do Amaral has been closely involved in launching Brazil’s EGTA label, and among his projects as producer and editor were the series “Great Guitarists” and “The History of Brazilian Music.”

Author Since: Jan 01, 1970

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