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Anthony Smith

Anthony_SmithAnomaly! Songwriter! Keyboard genius! Born the mysterious son of two professional artists Anthony Smith knows no creative limits. He has mastered the craft of piano key solos and melodies. From jazz to crunk, Mr. Smith is the universal funk. soldes coque iphone His Herbie Hancock chops and Roy Ayers flair make him a late night favorite everywhere. coque iphone Anthony holds a degree in Music from San Diego State University and is equally as comfortable in the boardroom as he is performing and producing music. coque iphone 2019 pas cher Mr. Smith is currently the head of A&R for New Century Soul Records. His current projects include Music Director for the New Century Soul LIVE review and keyboardist for Karl Denson’s new jazz ensemble. coque iphone 8 His forthcoming recording showcases his wildly eclectic talents and prepares the listener for The Many Faces of Mr. soldes coque iphone Smith tour coming in spring of 2007. Watch out.

Author Since: Jan 01, 1970

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