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Dan Lutz

Dan_Lutz_1Dan Lutz is a first call bassist in Los Angeles. soldes coque iphone His successful career is credited to his strong groove, versatility, experience and dependability. coque iphone solde Playing both electric and upright bass with 15 years on the scene, Dan has proved himself to be a seasoned professional and respected musician able to swing, groove, improvise, and enhance any musical situation. Whether as a Music Director or sharing stage with the greats of the jazz world, Dan brings a funky and innovative style to the stage and studio alike. He has toured the world with various artists, played on countless sessions for commercials, movies, and television, and maintains a busy schedule in L.A. coque iphone xs max on the local club circuit. soldes coque iphone Dan is comfortable in many styles including gospel, rock, jazz, R&B, pop, and soul.dan_lutz_2 “I’ve spent a lot of money on the right basses… coque iphone 6 Whether it’s my ’78 Fender Jazz or my ’62 Fender P-Bass, the only strings that make those instruments speak, are Dunlop Nickels! These strings are fat, round, clean, and smooth! They make my basses sing! Even acoustically, there’s a resonance that happens with Dunlop that no other string can capture! I’m honored to use these strings on all my basses…

Author Since: Jan 01, 1970

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