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Dean Cortez

  Dean_CortezDean’s (or ‘brother,’ as he is known in the band) history with the band goes back before Hiroshima’s first recordings, when the band was making demos. coque iphone x Dean came one session just to hang out. coque iphone 2019 Fresh out of high school, he was just starting to make a name for himself as a bass player on the L.A. coque iphone x scene. coque iphone 8 Originally from Miami Beach, Florida, Dean comes from a musical family (his dad was a touring percussionist), and started out playing string bass in youth symphonies. coque iphone 6 Moving to the west coast, he added the electric bass to his repertoire and started playing in garage bands with the Porcaro brothers, and the time he graduated high school was the regular bassist with the famed Latin-percussionist/singer Willie Bobo. vente de coque iphone A founding member of the seminal Latin-fusion band ‘Caldera,’ Dean recorded two albums with them before becoming the bassist on the Boz Scaggs World Tour. coque iphone xr He has since recorded and played with numerous major artists, as well as music for both film and television.

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