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Duffy Jackson

duffy_1Considered one of the outstanding drummers of contemporary jazz, son of the great bassist Chub Jackson and a member of the Jazz Hall of Fame, Jackson got music with his mother’s milk and has sat behind the drums since he was four years old. coque iphone 6 “All my life I’ve been searching musically for truth,” he said. coque iphone pas cher No surprise that Jackson, today 48, still looks like a kid playing with his toys. coque iphone pas cher “You put the grim on the groove and you aim the beat at your feet,” he said. coque iphone xr “That’s the recipe my father taught me.”duffy_2 One of the most overtly enthusiastic musicians in jazz, Jackson’s forceful, attacking style was particularly suited to the bands of Herman, Ventura and Hampton. His son is Duffy Jackson, drummer with Count Basie and Hampton. soldes coque iphone In the late 80s Jackson was still around the jazz scene, lending his exhilarating support to a variety of bands.

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