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Eddie Nichols

eddie_nichols_1eddie_nichols_3As a current member of Royal Crown Revue, Eddie Nichols is a dynamo of energy on the stage, and that energy spills out into the audience and into their shoes. coque iphone soldes When Eddie hits the stage, it is non-stop fun. coque iphone pas cher From the time you see this hep-cat show up backstage at the gig, you just know that somehow he doesn’t just wear the style – he lives it. coque iphone 8 You never know what he’s going to do once he takes the microphone into his hand. coque iphone 7 Maybe the splits, maybe some shadow-boxing, maybe? You just have to watch to find out. coque iphone x And he possesses a fantastic voice that fits the band perfectly.

Author Since: Jan 01, 1970

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